1) What does eye size refer to?

    Eye size is the width of each lens at their widest points across in millimeters.

2) What does bridge size refer to?

    Bridge size is the distance that the two lenses are apart from one another in millimeters.

3) What does TPL refer to?

    TPL is the abbreviation for temple. These are the long pieces of a frame that go behind the ear. Temples are measured in millimeters or inches.

4) Why do your frames have so many size choices?

     There are many sized people. We try to cover a broad cross-section.

5) I currently wear glasses, what is my size?

     There should be some numerical markings on the frame, which indicate your sizing. The numbers might be on the temples (see #3) on the bridge (see #2) on the back of the frame, on the bottom of the frame, etc. If the numbers have worn off, you can measure the width of the lenses and the distance between the lenses with a millimeter ruler to determine the eye size and the bridge size.

6) I do not currently wear glasses, what is my sizing?

     More often than not, the size of an eyeglass frame that an individual wears is determined by the physical size of the person. A larger person will generally have a larger head/face and vice versa.

     Using the Ronsir example - a smaller person will generally wear the 44-20-140 and a larger 50-24-150/158. For the 44 Eye Ronsir, each lens would measure 44mm across. For the 50 Eye Ronsir, each lens would measure 50mm across. The 46 Eye and 48 Eye Ronsir frames are considered to be standard (average) size.

     The width of a frame is very important. The frame should be wide enough so that the temple (TPL) will go straight back to the ear. We can send multiple sizes to assist in determining the correct size.

7) What is the purpose of a cable temple?

     Cable temples will hold the frame firmly in place. Cable temples are great for activities like golf, tennis, walking, jogging, etc. Cable temples are also great if you wear your frames all day. The cable temples will prevent the frames from slipping off the nose.

8) Can I get a Ronsir in the Ebony color on a Gold chassis or a Tortoise on Silver?

     A Silver or Gold chassis can be chosen for any Ronsir color. We only offer suggestions.

9) Why are your frames not sold in my area?

     This question should be asked to the stores in your area.

10) What are your prices?

     Please contact us as to which frame you would like pricing on.

11) Do you have the ability to supply lenses?

     Yes. We can handle any lens request. We have a complete, high quality lab.

12) What are the prices of lenses?

     The pricing of the lenses depends upon your Rx values and what features you would like – Clear?, Transitions?, Tinted?, Progressive (no line bifocal)?, Lined Bifocal?, Anti-Reflective Coating?, Polarized?, etc. We would need some more information. Please contact us with your requests and we can provide the pricing.

13) I have one of my relative’s frames from many, many years ago… when was it made and what is it worth?

     Please send us a viewable image (jpeg) and we will do our best to provide information.

14) I live in xxx city and xxx state, where can I purchase one of your frames?

     We will try to supply you with a location that actively supports Shuron products.

15) Which is the best way to contact Customer Service?

     Your decision. 800-242-3636 is answered 9-5 Eastern M-F excluding major Holidays. E-mail is answered constantly. You should expect an e-mail response within hours. If no response to e-mail after 24 hours, please re-send. Unfortunately, all e-mail servers are not perfect.

16) Do you accept any insurance plans?

     We can supply a paid receipt that is accepted by most insurance plans.

17) What is the difference between the Ronsir Zyl and the Revelation.

     The Revelation is 7 millimeters less in height for the lenses. A 50 Eye Ronsir will have lenses 44mm in height. A 50 eye Revelation will have lenses 37mm in height.
Eye Size Ronsir Lens Height Revelation Lens Height
44 38 31
46 40 33
48 42 35
50 44 37

18) What is the difference between the Freeway and the Sidewinder?

     The Sidewinder has thicker temples. The Sidewinder had two rivets on the front rather than the bar shield of the Freeway.




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