After stumbling across an old family reunion photo from the early 1960s and seeing all the bespectacled men in my family wearing "browline glasses," I set out to find myself a pair....thinking it shouldn't be hard at all, given that the style accounted for over half of all the men's eyeglass frames sold in the 1950s and 1960s. I was wrong - there are seldom few companies out there still making them...but Shuron, the inventor of the style, has stuck with them! I own an Ebony/Silver pair for all three models- the Ronsir, the Revelation and the Nusir. I could not be happier! I keep coming back to Shuron because I am delighted that even now, in present day, these fabulous retro frames are still being made of high-quality components right here in the USA by fellow Americans. Shuron's customer service has been over the top outstanding. They treated me the way all successful businesses used to treat their customers: grounded on the notion that, "The customer is always right." They sent me samples, provided excellent customization and fast turnaround time, have very fair prices, and they were even able to make lenses to my prescription AND out of my preferred material, glass. I tell you now, without trepidation, that I will keep coming back to Shuron for all my eyeglass needs for as long as the Lord keeps me on this earth. I am often stopped on the street and asked about my glasses, and I send everyone who asks straight to Shuron's website. I encourage other satisfied customers to, "Evangelize for Shuron," spread the word about this wonderful company and the fact that they are the original, best, and near-only source for these fabulous browline glasses. Thank you!

Pierce P. Henderson, NC

I’m interested in one pair of indexed glass lenses…. Incidentally, a previous pair of Shuron Freeway frames I had was stepped on by an elephant and emerged unscathed. The frames lasted another two years until I finally lost them.

Brian D. Thailand
You recently replaced some glasses that the folks at Lens Crafters broke and I wanted to express my gratitude. Not only did you replace them free of charge, but you also included a beautiful case and some cleaner. This was more than I was expecting and above and beyond great customer service. I have been buying my frames from you for many years and will continue to do so due to your true professionalism! Thank you so much, you guys are THE best. See you in a few months when I order some more frames.

Damon B. WA

Thank you for the swift and courteous service. The frames are very well made, and I look forward to remaining one of your customers for a long time to come. Made in USA still means quality and value, and I'm glad to see you running a successful business on that basis.

Matthew F. Caribou, ME

I just got the Ronsir glasses yesterday. They fit well and the lenses are fine. The frames are the most well-made that I have ever seen. Thanks for you help in making this happen.

Sean C. Ontario Canada
I just received my new prescription sunglasses and they are fantastic. Great color for the tinting, I call it Bass Ale brown/amber. And thanks for the new longer ear pieces for the Ebony frames…. Again, I love the glasses. The classic style is back.

Matthew F. MA
Thanks for the awesome glasses and even better service. Truly amazing.

Rob R. Winnipeg, Canada
Received the glasses today and are every pleased with them. Thank you for your stellar customer service and your patience.

Allison S. MA

I received my glasses and they are wonderful. The prescription is perfect and they fit beautifully. Tell your wonderful lab techs that I send many thanks and a job well done. You may hear from me again in a few months. I have my eye on the Delisa. You guys are the best. Also, thanks for the beautiful case you sent me, it will get much use.

Katherine G. New Ringgold, PA

The Ronsir have arrived. Thank you to have replaced the lost one for free. I have troubles with French mail. Thank you for the fine customer service I received from you. Again, I love the classic style and the quality of the glasses. Consider me a loyal customer.

Eric G. Strasbourg, France

I am wearing my new Shuron glasses!!! Everything was OK. Eight days shipping... and then to my optician. And...perfect!

Joan M. Mallorca, Spain

A while ago I bought a frame from you. I promised to send you a picture. You guys made me a very happy man. Once again thank you very much!

Joost The Netherlands

The glasses have arrived and they are everything I’d hoped they would be. I can see again. Thanks for the excellent product and service.

Jim W. TN

I got my glasses today. They fit perfect, the scrip is perfect, don't know what to say but these are everything I was expecting. Thank you so much for everything. I will tell people great things about you and your company and service. You guys rock!!

Mark M. Windsor, Canada
Today received with thanx! You are the Good American Company!

Makoto T. Osaka, Japan

The new frames arrived and they look smashing! Thanks for everything.

James H. Durham, NC
I just wanted to let you know how much I have appreciated all you've done in helping me choose my glasses frames. You went above and beyond and made the whole experience effortless and pleasant. I love the frames and can't wait to get lenses in them. I have included a picture of me and my dad with his Shurons from years ago and one of me with my new Shurons. take care, you're awesome.

Jay P. Vancouver, WA
I received my new glasses at the end of last week. I love them! Classic, comfortable, timeless. Thank you so much. They are truly the best glasses that I have ever owned. I hope you guys are around for another 150 years... Shuron is the best. Thanks for the amazing service and the amazing glasses.

Mark S. Brooklyn, NY
I got the glasses and I want to say that they exceeded my expectations. Absolutely a masterful job. I couldn’t be happier and I want to thank you for all your help. I will be a return customer and a source of advertisement for your company. Again, thanks a million – perfect.

Marlon B. TX

The glasses arrived, they fit perfectly and my 12 year old nephew told me I look like a rock star. Couldn't ask for better than that. Thanks again for all your help with these. You provided excellent service and I really appreciate it.

Lisa H. Burlington, VT

This is the most pleasant (and inexpensive) glasses purchasing event of my life.

Nancy K. Avon, CT

Shuron produces quality frames and the styles are truly timeless. Don't pay three or four times as much four your glasses at a mall store, where the low-quality, "one-size-fits-all" frames will either break or be out of style two months after you purchase them. Don't be victimized by pushy retail clerks who force you to purchase unnecessary add-ons just so they can make their sales quota for the week. The Shuron representative worked with me to find the perfect size, overnighted samples of the frames, made my lenses and had my glasses to me within four days of our initial conversation. I paid exactly a third of what I was asked to pay at the mall store and I got a pair of glasses that are classic and timeless. They are a true work of art, the very same glasses Shuron crafts for film stars. Don't hesitate to get your glasses from Shuron.

Shannon L. Nashville, TN

We received them! They are perfect - both in fit and how they correct her vision. And you know, it doesn't hurt that they look fantastic.

Devon M. Austin, TX

Just wanted to let you know I received my frames on Monday morning - they are indeed everything I thought they would be, and fit me perfectly! Thanks for your prompt response and speedy service.

Leela S. Singapore

I wanted to let you know that I received my pair of Ronsir ZYL”s in Ebony last Thursday and couldn’t have been happier. They were exactly what I wanted and I was impressed with how quickly and safely they arrived.

Stephen G. NC

I receive glasses. Thank you very much. It is nice dealing with you.

Nacho C. B. Spain

Thank you so much. The order arrived in a few days and I selected the best fit. A very easy and painless transaction. I ordered the Ronstrong Tondo model and I absolutely love them. Oh, by the way, several of my friends have commented on the frames and I whole heartedly referred them to your website. Thanks again. A new customer for life.

Craig S. Arcata, CA

Just wanted to take a min. and email you back. I got my clip-on on Thursday! They are wonderful! They fit my glasses perfect and are awesome! Thanks again for great service & product!

Sam B. Austin, TX

Just a quick note, I received my order a couple of days ago. The frames and lenses are superb, and your customer service has been exemplary. Many, many thanks for a great service and product.

Chris S. Bedfordshire, UK

The new frames arrived today. They fit great and I'm very happy with them. Thanks again for your help with everything.

Stefan P. San Francisco, CA

Good ‘ol American customer service.

Johan M. Sweden

I wanted to drop you a quick line to say that I received my glasses this morning. I am ecstatic! They are exactly what I was hoping for and I wanted you all at Shuron to know how happy I am with not only the glasses but with your high level of customer service. As and when my prescription changes, if it's okay, I will ask you to replace the lenses. I will also get back in tough sometime in the near future as I may order an additional pair. Thank you all again and I hope this message finds you well.

Dan C. Bristol, UK

Yesterday I received my Freeway eyeglasses and what can I say, they fit perfectly and look absolutely great, really one of a kind. So, I just want to thank you for the good service and your kindness shown in helping me to purchase the glasses.

Maximilian W. Dusseldorf, Germany

I got my Shurons today and let me tell you how pleased I am! I'm very happy, both with the Ronsirs and the customer support I got from you. I would say it is state of the art support you got there. This is most probably only my first pair of Shurons in a long future line of more.

Anders R. Malmoe, Sweden

You ROCK!!!! Yes, that would be fantastic. Thanks so much!!!

Elaine S. MI

I like my glasses very much and get comments and compliments on them frequently. Mahalo!

Rick H. HI

Thanks a million! Every step along the way, Shuron made the process of ordering glasses easy. I've got my prescription lenses and they're perfect.

Brian W. Morgantown, IN

It’s me again. I enjoyed the Freeways so much, I would like to order the Sidewinders.

Chris C. Nova Scotia Canada

I am very pleased with Revelations and the fine customer service I received from you. My Revelations have proven to be very popular and several of my colleagues have indicated they too would like to order Revelations or Zyls.

David S. VA
Thank you very much for my recent order of the Ronsir Zyl. I’ve been getting so many compliments on them…..especially from the ladies! The quick turnaround on having my prescription added to them was almost like going to a dealer here.

I’m looking forward to my next purchase in the future as those clear Freeways look quite attractive. Lastly, I want to add that you’ll always have a loyal customer here in NYC… THANKS.

Kyle Y. NY

There are few things in this world more personal or precious to those of us who wear spectacles than our eyeglasses. They are the first thing to go on at the beginning of every day, and the last thing to come off just before the head hits the pillow each night. I have been wearing Shuron's Ronsir Zyl since 1988 and I can't imagine what I would do if I had to rely on a different set of frames. Over the years, more than one person (including several optometrists) have remarked to me that Shuron frames are a real "work horse" of a frame. I concur. They are remarkably inexpensive (especially when compared to the pretentious, hyper-fragile, "designer wear" often passing as the genuine article and usually selling at $300+ a pop). Consider me a lifelong customer.

Patryk S. WI

I love your glasses. Please repeat this order.

Vaughn O. AZ

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